Invoice Automation

Intelligent invoice mapper with the flexibility of supporting various file types and formats

Available On Mobile & Desktop

Features of  invoice automation

Multi-formats support

Automation of workflows with approvals by corporate

Routing of invoices to lenders (AP financing) with GRN

Upload of invoices to ERP

Transparency and visibility to sellers

Benefits of invoice automation solution

Eliminates paper thus reducing costs and delays, automates the manual process, removes data capture errors

Multiple invoice options are supported including file types like EDI, XML, PDF, XLS, CSV, fixed length text files, e-invoices, etc.

The solution has the inbuilt cognitive capability and uses machine learning while extracting invoice details ensuring complete automation

Ensures critical back-office functions to continue without disruptions. Quicker TAT facilitates early payment

Client success stories

"Freepay provided us a one-stop solution to our payment collection problem. Goldmedal has a pan India existence with a huge dealer network base. So, basically Freepay helped us reach the most remote dealer counter and simplify the payment process. It helped us in removing the geographical barriers for payment collection."  -  Team GoldMedal

“3M India has successfully deployed Global PayEX’s “Freepay” solution to improve the efficiency in our collection and account receivable management. Freepay digitized our invoice presentment, automated payment processing and took care of our end-to-end customer account reconciliation. Our dealers have appreciated the solution for its completeness, ease of use and transparency in doing business”
- Team 3M

Reduced DSO significantly by implementing our EIPP solution

Utilized EIPP to solve collection and reconciliation inefficiencies

Win-Win for an American safety equipment manufacturer and their dealers by initiating consent-based auto pull payments with deferral option

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